Invitations and Stationery

Holiday Cards. Invitations. Storage Boxes. Creative Stationery.

What we are today:
With our patented design of the Ceco Box, we could offer you an innovative and unique solution for your stationery packaging. Papillon Ribbon & Bow’s forward thinking and innovative mindset to meet the card making industries’ needs have allowed us to partner with the world’s most renowned card-makers, such as American Greetings and Hallmark Cards.

We offer a variety of ribbon, bows, and rosettes that are suitable to meet your invitation accessory needs. From narrow ribbon to 2 ¼” ribbon, printed ribbon for your eventful occasions, and custom collapsible boxes for your guests.

How we can meet your needs:
*Custom Collapsible Boxes
*Tiny bows and rosettes for card decorations
*Greetings Ribbon 
*Seasonal Ribbon
*Wholesale Ribbon


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