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Patented Collapsible Box
PatentedCollapsible Box
Personalize your Colors, Shapes, and Textures
Personalize yourColors, Shapes, and Textures
In stock today Tripple Bottled Wine Box
In stock todayTripple Bottled Wine Box
Add a Loop Bow & Hang Tag Gift Box
Add a Loop Bow & Hang TagGift Box

Ceco Box

The Collapsible 5-Fold Ceco Box is an innovative, economical, eco-friendly, and unique box that we have patented in North America. It could re-collapse itself for re-usability purposes. We provide stock products for standard sized boxes, storage boxes, gift boxes, and wine boxes. If you would like to customize your Collapsible Box, please Contact your sales representative who will be delighted to assist you. For further information, you may view more details in our “Service” category.

For more information, please feel free to browse through our Ceco Box website at: , or contact your regional sales representative.

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